People can easy to find many clothes

Tran Hung

My name is Tran Quang Hung and I am 23 years old. I am studying third semester in Curtin University Singapore and my major is marketing. I think high quality designer replica handbags I am quite self confident and humorous, when I work in a group I can become a leader; I have a good ability about presentation in public, doing teamwork and work under pressure and keep learning new things. I am passionate about traveling, hanging out with friend, playing sport and especially interested about fashion. During my free time, I usually go to Internet, searching, looking for a new fashion trends or reading magazine about fashion. Lucky for me that my family is working in fashion retailer industry in Vietnam so I learn a lot from my replica louis vuitton family business and my passion about fashion is growing time after time. In my opinion, fashion plays an important role in society and life because it shows a change of social, economic, political and cultural changes. My dream job is to work in marketing department in fashion industry because fashion is my passion.

Nowadays, 1:1 replica handbags globalization became so popular replica designer handbags and has a huge impact to the economy and business in worldwide. In fake designer bags fashion industry, there are many businesses looking for a new market and trying to expand fake louis bag their business. From fast fashion retailers, like: H replica louis vuitton bags Zara replica louis vuitton bags , Top shop, to luxury retailers, like: Gucci replica louis vuitton bags , Louis Vuitton, Chanel. These businesses are all trying to expand to a new area, such as Asia and especially China these days has become a great market for fashion industry because of the growing of economy in this area. Today those fashion central like New York, London, Paris are not the main consuming source of luxury brand anymore, due to the problem with financial and the unemployment rate are high at those countries. On the other hand, Asia has a fastest growing industry and better economy; many fashion companies are now looking to Asian as their best target market.

Globalization is not just only expand retailer, it also expand the manufactured. People can easy to find many clothes, bags or shoes that come from USA or Europe but it actually made in China or other countries in Asia. For example: Nike, is an American company engaged in the design, development, manufacturing shoes, sport clothes, however, there are many products from Nike are made in Thailand, Vietnam or China. Those companies like Nike do not manufacture their own product, due to the high labor cost at their countries, so Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags to get more profit by reduce produce cost, many companies in fashion industry work with another company so they can manufactured with a lower cost at other countries (Silicon 2011).

As an example for globalization in fashion industry, H is a retail clothing company come from Sweden, known for its fast fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H have a expansion strategy, target is to increase the number of stores in worldwide. Nowadays, H became very popular, its company looking to a market potential where have a good economic growth, purchasing power and there is no political risk; the store are now located in many countries, for example: Russian, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, France. On the cheap replica handbags other hand with the improvement of Internet and shopping online, consumer are now changing their shopping habit from buying from retailer to shopping online. It can be easy to find many online store on the internet, like: Zalora, Luisaviaroma, Mrporter, Net a porter, Farfetch, these online store are impact to profit of H that is the reason why, H also open online store. It helps people easy to purchase product from H consumer can order from online store in 21 markets (H 2015).

Alexander Wang behind the brandrespond

Sat, 12 Sep 2015 05:36:00 +000Every brand has their own designer and those person stay behind those brands have a huge impact to the industry. There are many famous designers that became a symbol of fashion and they have a big influence to the fashion industry at these days, like: Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacob, and Valentino (Bio 2015). At the 2000s, there are many young talent designer has join the industry and becoming the future for the fashion world, one of special name is Alexander Wang, a young American fashion designer. Alexander Wang was born in San Francisco 1:1 replica handbags , California, when he was 19 year olds, he has moved to New York to study in a design school and after 2 years of study, he decided to launch his own brand in 2007. After that, he got many awards about fashion. Alexander Wang and T by Alexander Wang now has become so famous and stores located in many countries, like: USA, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, it produce accessories, shoes, clothes, bag for both men and women and Wang also became creative director of Balenciaga in 2012 (Steven 2014)

It has been 3 years since Wang became creative director at Balenciaga and his own brand Alexander Wang has been launched 10 years, it is may be too young for a successful men at this age, however, he has his ambitious and vision Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica on fashion. He thinks that, the greatest thinks about fashion is it keeps changing all the time and if people want to success in this industry people will need to face with many problems, take risks and keep learning, Wang always thinking the way to improve his brand and make it better. Alexander Wang has made a lot of marketing strategy for his brand. In fashion season fall 2011, Wang made a special advertising by showing an advertising video on the wall of the building in New York. This way of advertising are quite creative because other company not usually do cheap louis vuitton bags from china marketing in this way and by this idea, Alexander Wang will get attention from consumer and help Alexander Wang stand out with other competitors (Melissa 2013). In 2014, there was a collaboration between H and Alexander Wang for winter collection in worldwide and the target market is China, it was advertised through social media, like: instagram, Wechat and Weibo (Olivier 2014). Communication is always importance for Wang, he always try to build a connection between him with customers and audiences or communication in his workplace are important (Joshua 2015). In fashion season’s fall/winter 2015, Alexander Wang presented a collection with all black color; he said he knew his customer want black color, so that why he made a collection with all black color. His collection are very unique, from the materials to the style, the way he made it are special. The customer would love it because he know what they want and he made it for them, make customer feels like they always right (Nicole 2015)

There are some links that will give you more ideas about Alexander Wang and fashion industry:feed/.

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